John Lennon was born on October 9 in Liverpool and already showed his talent for drawing in childhood and later in school, too.

Lennon studied 1957-1960 at the College of Art in Liverpool and found his interest for arts there, especially graphic art. He illustrated, among others, humorous stories and designed his own album covers. He was a bizarre drawer, text author, and had a knack for Happenings. But not just incidentally, as many believe: The performance artist Lennon prevented the rock superstar Lennon losing himself in the frantics of the show business. Even his classmates and professors were very convinced of his artistic qualities.

His graphic works illustrate people and events, which John Lennon met in his short life. The works are a reflection of the relationship of John Lennon and his environment. He focused in his graphic art on line drawings with pen, pencil or ink. John Lennon was therefore not only a talented musician but an Illustrator, too. Because "he began to draw before he had a guitar".