Born on July 7, 1940 as Richard Starkey in Liverpool, England, Ringo Starr is especially known as a drummer of the Beatles which he was part of from 1962 until their breakup in 1970.

After an era marked by childhood diseases at the Liverpool waterfront Dingle, he turned to music and was the drummer in different bands before joining the Beatles in 1962, who had just separated from their drummer Pete Best. 

In the early 70s, Ringo Starr launched his musical solo career that still continues to this day. His album "Ringo" from 1973 is considered the most successful solo project.

Already around 1990, Ringo Starr began to paint with acrylic paint on canvas, about which he said he had a lot of fun. At the end of the 90s, while he was on tour with his "All Star Band", he began to create more random computer art. Because he was bored, he used the painting program on his computer and began to work. He taught everything himself and developed his style by a "trial and error" method. The titles of his works simply result from the name of each file.

"Abstract Faces" is probably the most fitting description of Ringo Starr's works, because there are always faces shown. The works have a slightly quirky, cheerful attitude and are limited to 100 prints. 

The first exhibition of his computer art was held in Soho, New York City at the Pop International Galleries. 14 signed works of Ringo Starr were featured there.

In July 2011 Ringo Starr presented his works at the Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts gallery, including new Pop Art images. The images that the former Beatle produced on the computer speak for themselves: several designs and peace symbols.


The Art of Ringo Starr G-Pop

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