Born in 1965. Lives and works Voka in Puchberg at Schneeberg/NÖ. He coined the term "spontaneous realism” as a trademark for his art, under which he wants to convey the rediscovered seriousness in contemporary art with traditional and always valid works in a new interpretation corresponding to the Zeitgeist. With a distinctive style, which developed from the dynamics of the moment, Voka can capture the immediate reality in an impressive and focused fashion and make the movement in the work noticeable to the viewer.

The basis of his artistic work is rooted in a decades-long encounter with the art of realism. As a teenager he became deeply involved with oil painting. He explored the techniques of the old masters and acquired them in intensive self-studies.

First contacts with watercolor painting made him realize that working quickly - which he was almost forced to while painting in nature, because the paint dried so fast - could lend his strokes more momentum and thus a lot of dynamic.

With the discovery of acrylic he could coalesce his sound knowledge of the meticulous and "heavy" oil painting as well as the "airy" and rapid technique of watercolor and discover and develop his own style of spontaneous realism.