Andy Warhol born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, died on February 22, 1987 in New York City and is probably the epitome and icon of pop art par excellence. His work of art, ranging from initially simple advertising graphics, to his paintings, films and books, is simply overwhelming.

The most pervasive renewal of artistic multitalented Warhol is the use of screen printing techniques - mostly based on photographs - instead of painting. The completely altered effect of his subjects through the reproduction of different colors represents another milestone in Pop Art. “Candy Andy", as his mother called him lovingly, was omnipresent in the New York Art and Society scene since the early 60s until his death. In his "Factory" stars went in and out or became stars because of Warhol (like "Mythos Marilyn", which was done by Warhol shortly after her death).

The "Texan", Robert Rauschenberg, himself one of the first and most important artists of Pop Art has probably found the most appropriate words for the artistic and cultural product Warhol: "Not every Warhol is a good Warhol. But there is no such thing as a bad one. He perplexes history of art. Whether he sacrificed it deliberately or if he didn’t care at all, doesn’t matter. His influence on our lives remains explosive."

And Joseph Beuys about the human Andy Warhol: "I'm not interested in a psychoanalysis of Andy Warhol, because I love him too much." This feeling was probably shared by all of his many friends.