Tom Wesselmann was born on February 23, 1931 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died on December 17, 2004 in New York and was together with Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein among the most important representatives of American Pop Art.

Unlike many other artists, Tom Wesselmann discovered his passion for art rather late. Tom Wesselmann graduated in psychology at the University of Cincinnati. During the period of his military service (1952-1954) Wesselmann began drawing cartoons. In 1956 he went to New York for the Cooper Union School of Art. He wanted to be New Yorker cartoonist. His interest was not in painting but drawing cartoons. But this should soon change in New York. The art of Willem de Kooning, whom he described as his idol, particularly inspired him to paint. Tom Wesselmann about this period: "I was on fire without realising that already the fire was burning. I found, the more I painted, the more I needed to paint and the more I needed to paint the more I painted… it just went out of control. So that’s 1959: That’s when I really started. Rather late, because I was already 28 years old."

Tom Wesselmann's leitmotifs were landscapes, still life and especially female nudes, of which his large format "Great American Nudes" excited much attention. The aesthetic suggestions on those he got from the typical advertising of the 60s and 70s (brochures, posters and presentations in film and TV). In 1983 Tom Wesselmann began to create still lifes and nudes out of metal by transferring his drawings on metal plates and cutting them out with a laser.