In his first solo exhibition in April 2011 in the Vienna Gallery, the British Pop Art artist Russell Young presented new works from the series "Diamond Dust Paintings".

Russell Young began 20 years ago as a photographer of famous people. His incredible career began with his work for the album "Faith" by George Michael. From that point on, he photographed musicians like Morrissey, Bjork, Springsteen, Dylan, REM, New Order, The Smiths, Diana Ross, Paul Newman and many other artists. This was followed by numerous jobs as a director of music videos.

10 years ago, Young began to paint. At first only for his own pleasure. In 2003 he had his first solo exhibition with the works from the series "Pig Portraits". For this purpose, Young used images from pop culture for his large silkscreen paintings. The show was a huge success and it was the beginning of an international career as a pop artist.

His works are represented in numerous national and international collections like Abby Rosen, the Getty's, Elizabeth Taylor, David Hockney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie and President Barack Obama.

"My work is a sort of soundtrack to my life, loves, experiences and influences. My method of working is to search, destroy and create. The images of this series have been collected from newspaper cuttings, e-bay, long correspondence with police departments throughout the world or even given by celebrities themselves. The idea to create "anti-celebrity" portraits was probably a reaction to my former career. However, they turned out to be even more beautiful and iconic. There is undeniably this attitude that is very real, in your face, a beauty that is hard to ignore."

Russell Young